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Hello! I am a Halifax based photographer. My work currently is focused on weddings primarily, but enjoy many aspects of photography. My approach to photography has always been the same - create the best experience for my clients, and always put story first. Photography, and in my own opinion weddings especially, are about sharing a story. A story about two people. My goal is to do this through the sharing of the images I capture. I look at Wedding Photography as a privilege - as a special invitation into the lives of those who ask me to take photos for them. To me this is a great honor and not something that I believe should be taken lightly. I strive for meaningful, creative, and timeless images for my Wedding clients - always.

My Background

I began taking photos, like many, at a very young age. I began shooting on small Zellers disposable cameras and grew from there! I am mostly self taught, learn and experiencing the art of photography through experiences I created and constantly pushing myself to learn more. This method of learning takes a great deal of dedication and self perseverance. Through many trials and tribulations I have managed to learn from some phenomenal photographers, and pushed myself to continue to grow. Both as an individual but also creatively.  My formal education in fact has nothing to do with photography - I am a Firefighter, and a Paramedic by trade. I still pursue these professions as I grow my photography business. I still take photos for personal enjoyment, as you can see by visiting my social media listed below - I have been shared numerous times by many noteworthy pages including @halifaxnoise and @parks.canada. 


Please inquire in regards to specific pricing for my Wedding Packages - packages meet most budgets so lets chat!




For delivering photos to my clients, I utilize Pic-Time. Pic-Time is an online Photo Gallery and Photo Delivery Service that supplies my clients with easy access to all their images at the press of a button. I am able to curate beautiful online galleries for clients and their families that allow for easy access, fast and reliable downloads, and even order prints of all sizes and styles. Viewing and downloading of media (ie. photos) is available through all mainstream desktop browsers as well as mobile phones.



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Tel: (902) 476-9745

Halifax, Nova Scotia